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The tree swallow data are easily visualized on a landscape scale, or more detail can be obtained by drilling down. .
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    Nesting in South America.

  • The popularity of the bluebird has been a boon to the Tree Swallow, which nests in holes of exactly the same size, and has taken advantage.
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    Their migration certainly qualifies them long-distance fliers.

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  • There are dozens of kinds of long-distance migrant birds from North America that fly to South America for the winter.
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    The breeding (triangles) and wintering (females: circles; males: diamonds) locations of tree swallows from populations in (A) Western and Central flyways (B) Eastern flyway.

  • Virtually all barn swallows are in South America now, and body and flight feather molts.
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    Tree Swallows migrating south typically follow one of three major flyways.

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    Scientific Name(s): Hirundinidae.