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It may be. The turning circle is primarily for the benefit of visiting vehicles, rather than residents, because getting in and out of your drive on a.
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    The cul-de-sac is too narrow in which to perform a three point turn and vehicles entering have to back out into the circular driveway or find a wider spot in the driveway to exit.

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    not be within a turning head of a cul-de-sac and not regularly used as a turning point ; not have other road markings, such as yellow lines, white zig-zags, bus stop, cycle lanes, “keep clear” or box markings; have enough space on the road for an advisory disabled parking bay - bays are around 6.

  • the turning circle because of parked cars".
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    1 day ago · The British Parking Association (BPA) outlines four different types of parking zones in the UK, namely: Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) This is where waiting and loading is restricted for some or all of the time.

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    Only 2 neighbours going past my house so lovely and quiet.

  • Hi, I live on a Barrett development in a small cul de sac of 4 properties.
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