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Its smaller size means it handles finger-picking styles better than all-out strumming, but for blues and folk – or younger players – the CP-60S is a great choice for a learner. Through it, you learn electric guitar specific skills like dynamics and beyond.
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  • You have to do this on a classical to prevent damping strings.
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  • r/Guitar • [QUESTION] I am getting better and better at guitar by just playing songs that I enjoy and learning them, but I want to be able to play the things in my head as they come up, how do I practice this skill.
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  • First off buy a good guitar with low string action and use light gage strings.
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    That means it takes less to learn the basic stuff.

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    [Newbie] Finally got some gear, and excited to learn how to rock at 31! Glad to be here! Hello Everyone! It’s finally happened, for my birthday this year I finally got myself some gear to start learning how to play electric guitar.

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    You can play jazz on everything.